I have come to that stage of my life where I am least interested in making new connections. I feel like I am completely exhausted with my real-life friend’s list.

I have a small list of friends and I am happy with them around me. I am finding everything else as a distraction.

I am also fed up with the wise men preaching on various subjects from entrepreneurship, life, career or relationship.

What is the point of taking advice, taking counseling in your affairs from someone who has no skin in your GAME?

At times I feel I have entered into an age of getting a quick fix for everything which is not sustainable in the longer run.

Your situation, startup, life is yours and wasting time listening to some random podcast or coffee meet will only create confusion.

One has to own his/her shit, read, learn, re-learn and engage people who have skin in the game, people who are part of the business: customers, investors, and advisors everything else is a distraction.