I have finished Marc Benioff, Behind the cloud (notes will come tomorrow). I loved the way Marc has narrated his Salesforce journey. I liked his leadership playbook of V2MOM.

V2MOM = Vision + Values + Methods + Obstacles + Measures

Vision: It helped Salesforce define what they wanted to do.
Values: It helped Salesforce by providing guiding principles to stay on their vision.
Methods: It defined the path to reach towards the vision Salesforce had established.
Obstacles: It identified the challenges and issues which needed to be taken care of to reach the vision.
Measures: The measurable which defined as a numerical outcome.

The playbook is simple, precise and clear. A good guide for keeping the entire organization on the same page and delivering successful outcomes.

Early 1999 V2MOM for Salesforce.

I am not an expert, I am sure every startup or organization has its own playbook. There is no one magic bullet to fit for all.

As Salesforce progressed in their journey, they altered their V2MOM