Moonshot Game

I liked reading the moonshot game by Rahul Chandra. It is his journey, a collection of entries through his days of starting Helion Ventures to closing it.

I have my personal 5 takeaways:

  1. Decisions: A lot many decisions in the VC world are collectively taken and still work on the guts instinct.
  2. Pedigree: In getting funded, your college plays a huge role. A simple filter. That is being one reason why they passed on investing OYO.
  3. Capital: Rahul talks about why taxi4sure had to be acquired by Ola. Why letsbuy had to be sold to Flipkart. When Tiger invests in your competitor, you have to be very worried{circa 2011}
  4. Camps: In the book, Rahul talks about how early days there were a group of VC funds investing together. 
  5. Growth: There is no time for building a company if there is no growth. One reason why Redbus was sold.  

You will have to read the book for more. This book while being a personal journey of Rahul, has many learnings for us all.