When smart people are bad employees

Ben Horowitz in his book: Hard Things about Hard Things, talks about smart employees who also happen to be responsible for breaking company culture.

The Heretic
These are the employees who find faults to take the case of management or co-workers. They can go to an extent claiming the company is run by morons and management has no fucking interest in the business. They will question every management decision, break trust, and cause your culture to disintegrate.

The Flake
These are brilliant people who can be unreliable. They will be at peak at times while wasting at some other time. Giving a mission-critical task to this bunch can result in screwing things up along with missing timelines.

The Jerk
These employees are no different than others out there. Their existence has more to do with picking a fight with others, making others feel uncomfortable. Having such a manager can screw up a company culture, flow of ideas and innovation.

The Prophet of Rage
The Prophet of Rage is a special type of Jerk. They are super smart, know to get the job done. No obstacle too great and no problem is too hard. They can piss off anyone or everyone to get the job done.

They are so self-righteous it’s difficult to even have a conversation with them about the right way to do things because they believe that if they are doing it, it must perforce be right. Everyone else is always wrong.

If you are running a big team, I am sure you would have encountered these personas in your team.