memory lane

Someday I get lost in the past. Papa shared a picture of mine with my grandma, I would have been 5-6 years old I am assuming. I have been thinking about my grandma, my village and the summer holidays.

I am not sure about others but I am lucky that a good part of my childhood had village life in it. Be it swimming in the village pond or bathing in boarding pump in paddy fields. I have had a share of it all.

Not to forget all the love from my grandma which meant favorite meals, money to buy sweets. Sometimes when parents would get mad at me[cos of not studying], I would go to the village and be with my grandma.

The summer holidays were 60 days long. Eating mangoes, sugarcane and guava were past times, few times we did get caught by Mali.

Fishing right outside my home during the rainy season as a result of monsoon floods. Our school would get closed for a few weeks.

These little memories are giving me goosebumps.