Being a woman in a patriarchal society like ours has never been easy. The duality of ours praying women as mother Kali/Laxmi at the same time ill-treating wife, mother, sister is a daily occurrence.

We forget the reality that its mother who keeps a child in her womb before he comes to life. It is easy to forget the contribution of wife, grandma, mother in shaping who we are now. The belief, positivity and showing the success path, they should get equal credit for everything.

The repressed society where every step, movements of a woman is constantly gauged by society, just living in it is a big thing. Why a mother, sister has to still prove her capability for promotion, jobs more than other sex? Why is dowry still such a thing in our society? Why having a girl child is not equally celebrated as a boy?

Even these days, women have to go through a forceful wedding, killing personal aspirations.

Blessed are those who have got a company of women as mothers, sisters, grandmoms, partners, colleagues: I owe a lot to them in shaping me, as a teacher, guide, mentor, friend.

This world is created for everyone, why still women have to fight for equality?

Me and my mother.