Sales Cycle

I have been told that enterprise sales take months to years in closing. But if the ticket size is small, decisions are taken quickly. Some of my learning from my mistakes has been simple.  

  1. Do not take customers’ agreement on face value, get it in writing.
  2. Limit the trial period for a week or two.
  3. Nudge your customers, ask, call reach out and evaluate their usage in the trial period.
  4. Enure the final authority for cutting cheque is also bought in during the process. 
  5. Be very logical and rational. 
  6. Find a champion, incentivize him to help him with all it takes to get the buy-in.  

In the end, nobody likes to get their ass on fire. So you have to comfort your customers in whatever it takes. But do not delay in closing else your competitor will sell them.