On sales

There are a million hours of a podcast recorded, thousand books written on sales. Each book has something to offer. Each podcast has some advice. My limited learning in sales has taught me a few lessons. 

  • Customers will buy if they are in pain. In other cases, discounts or other offers might get you closer. The renewals will not happen. 
  • A customer has to like you. They believe in your and companies vision. 
  • A customer wants 10X return for the money he is paying you. 
  • You have to provide comfort to the customer that you are there with your support.

Your product has to get customer’s love. A founder has to be least worried about competitors. In the early days, you need believers who work closely with you. You have to solve them in the beginning.  

Seek for believers, not customers. Work on solving their pain. It will save your future marketing cost. The power of the word to mouth will take your product to a new height. You will not need to worry about the NPS score and all. 

My learning is limited to building early-stage B2B products.