What is wrong with media off late? The journalistic ethic has gone bonkers. More and more post I read over web seems like written by the PR team, not journalists.

The journalism I have witnessed comes with courage, research, and finding the truth.

Do I have to blame the internet for this or new breed of journalists who have gone lazy? Or is page click, followers on social media, or likes have become new pillars of journalism?

Back in 2007 at NewsX, I remember journalists fighting for stories at editorial meets. One has to prove authenticity, source. Modern-day journalists serve the story in a platter, PR folks share a puff piece, it gets published.

Have journalists turned into story/post crunching machines who have forgotten to fact check and publish with due diligence?

I am wondering if independent journalism will change it. When you are running your show, you are less worried about pleasing others or getting free trips to attend product demo launches. The few sane voices will remain the odd one out, but for how long?

I am lucky to have worked with three media houses and have friends spread across a dozen others. The learning and experience have resulted in my writing this.