I have lived half of my life. Struggle, love, belief, failures, trust has been part of it. I think living for seventy years should be fair. It might not hold for a next pandemic or a nuclear war.

The journey in most had struggle because I have not been a great student. So passing every other class in school, college or engineering has been a pain in the ass. It has been a struggle because I was clueless about what I want from my life. It has been a struggle because I lived most part what and how society governed. It has been a struggle because of the expectation set by loved ones.

The journey so far has been joyful because of family, grandparents, many other friends, and people. Some have departed. Many others and are still cheering. The journey has been full of love because of the strangers who opened up their arms, helped me when I was drowning in guilt, sorrow, or misery.

The journey has its share of failure because I gave up too early. I don’t know. Or did not give my hundred percent effort. It could have been my ego, being hot-headedness.

The journey got better in the latter half as I started questioning myself, the society dogma. I got lucky finding a lot of believers who trusted in me, who gave me the ladder and taught me how to walk. Whenever I failed, I was allowed to fix myself. Not many get it.

My life’s learning: find more mentors, believers, make the best of every opportunity and be more kind towards self and others around. This world is not even. Some parts of it have rough edges, let us work towards mending it.