What is this hoopla we have created around us? Why do we have to be on top of everything? Do we need to consume, comment, and converse on everything?

Our brain can take limited things to process, and an app-driven economy wants all your attention. You fall victim to E-commerce offer or quantify, fight and take sides on some social media platform. How is it helping in making ourselves better? How can you be an expert with limited knowledge?

The billions worth book has been sold telling you can do anything and many other recycled ones telling you how to meditate, live a stress-free life. None of these will teach you tricks for self-introspection, knowing who you are. It has to come within yourselves. The urge to finding who you are, your nature requires nothing less than meditation. How can you help someone, claim yourself a thought leader on various topics without knowing yourself?

Your social media likes, comments and followers will give you short-lived dopamine, finding who you are will make this journey less painful. Get over this hoopla and self introspect.