We, humans, are conditioned to live in a society and worship a leader. A leader can be a politician, caste leader, or religion affiliated godman. We humans will bow to a leader and, that keeps the leader’s aura in place.

Leaders lose the moment they lose the respect of followers whom he rules. Leader unites in the name of caste, religion, nation, dialect, etc.

A leader can go at any length to hold his authority: be it giving religious angle or nationalism or pride.

Our history teaches the worst leaders have been propaganda machine. They conveniently swung truth to their favor. They threw lavish parties and sports for most jobless people, the mass murderer Hitler or the rulers of Rome post-Marcus Aralias are histories.

In the end, diverting away from real issues to keep their thrown is the ultimate goal.

We should not let leaders turn into a cult. We don’t want anarchy.