I was in a conversation last week with my friend, who is running a successful business. She was in jobs while doing engineering, learning building her life, unlike most of us who were partying.

One thing which she told later was that even after all the hard work, setting up a successful venture, people are closed-minded and treat women differently. She has to work harder than their other competitors. She mentioned that the disparity is wider in lower-income, educated women.

While talking to my sister on Rakhi I asked the inequality, bias, and prejudice. She said women folks have to live with it unless society changes completely. It also makes her more powerful and pushes her to work harder.

I remember all the contributions my mother has in my life. She was adamant about having us get a good education. My sister stayed mostly in a hostel, and I moved to Delhi for higher education in 2000. My mom said education is a great equalizer, it will take help in equalizing. People will see you on your merit rather origin, color, race, or sex. I agree we have gotten a better life because of her initial push.

I also see millions of women, girl children fighting for equality, better treatment. It is getting better with education, but we are still far away. We have to change ourselves first, and society will change. We have to get away with a different set of rules books for our sons and daughter. What son can do and daughter cannot do mentality should be thrown away.