The last 18 months have made me more empathetic with the telemarketing calls and people on the other side. It was not the case before.

What has changed? I find myself in their shoe now. I am a sales guy now for our product. Every week, I write numerous emails, messages, and talk to people.

There has been a constant flow of communication, sometimes rejections, and sometimes appreciation and conversion as a customer. Early days it would get very frustrating; I would be in all rage and anger. Sometimes even end up crying alone at night.

People will reject you, never reply to you or make fun of you. That is the part of the sale. I have to live with it. Not everyone is going to buy my product or going to believe in our journey.

I am lucky that I have a few mentors who are very successful now in their life. They went through the same struggle in their early days. Talking to them, listening, and learning from their story helped me grow and come this far.