Star Trek

I am watching Star Trek again. My founders at Minio introduced me to it.

Start Trek is not limited to space exploration, intergalactic expedition but; full of philosophy, leadership, and co-existence. It makes you think about our co-existence, challenges, and opportunity.

The author was ahead of our time. Most of the devices used in the series is a gadget of common man now: flip phone, Earpods, iPad, Teleconferencing. Star Trek showcased it all many years before.

The leadership of Kirk, the logic of Spock, and the wittiness of Leonard McCoy make it a combination for running the ship.

Seeing and thinking makes me wonder if we can have an organization with a similar combination of personas? Isn’t running a startup like venturing into an uncharted territory filled with surprises, tackling unknown obstacles? Isn’t running a startup as a leader requires humility, optimism, and fearlessness?