We are mere mortals, just breathing. We are fighting to stay alive and relevant. What I mean by fighting is the dogma of society, insecurity of ours, and pessimism of our subordinates. We cannot excel at everything and, that is why we have to work our circle of competence.

Social media is full of opinions, anger, and suggestions. Some people are blaming the government while others our media(including me). The more and more I think it appears we have few things in our control: we can vote to pick the right candidate, we can stop watching that news channel and, their TRP will fail.

We can not suggest or garner our opinion on everything where we have no role to play. We have to pick our battle and make the world a better place.

We blame the atrocities towards our farmers but are we taking care of our employees well. We shout on the ill-treatment of women, are we treating our daughter well, and are we giving her equal opportunity compared to the son?

I keep reminded what Karthik said: Apna Kaam Karo. Let us give the best to what is in our control, give our best at it.