How many lives lost because of anger?
How many relationships came to a halt because of anger?
How many negotiations faltered because of anger?

Why do we get angry? Is it our obsession, wanting, or ego? Or is it about being right, running show in my way?

Nero, emperor of Rome, burnt the entire city. He was a maniac and full of anger. He punished his teacher Seneca, the stoic philosopher.

In our own lives, many times, I have said few things or took actions that later on ended being regretful? I have many on my list. I should have been calmer, not indulged in emotional outbursts. These days I am more aware of myself and, anger is mostly in check. I prepare myself well before a tough conversation and try not to respond immediately in a heated argument or replying to instant texts. A WhatsApp message sent with all the anger cannot be reverted once read by the receiver. The same applies to the Email.

Anger is one of the ugliest vices in us humans, we have to work on fixing it as soon we realize about it. It will make us a better person and we will be at peace with ourselves.