India has one of the youngest world population. Our education system is leapfrogging. The society stereotype has forced everyone aspires to become the next software engineer. Many new-age startups have gone steps further selling parents how their kids can become the next Nadella or Pichai by coding at an early age. Aspirational middle-class parents are falling for it.

It was the IT boom in the ’90s that made most of us realize that apart from a government job or farming, there are other career options. The sleepy city of Bangalore or the export hub of Chennai turned into IT cities. Our countries’ wealth and sharpest minds moved to these limited hubs. While most tier2-3 cities got dry, these places turned into a cosmopolitan. Overnight the likes of Noida and Gurgaon came up hoasting the best of the best multibillion enterprises. It made locals very rich, and most are still reaping its benefits as landlords et al.

We have been seeing COVID forcing the way IT industry works, a lot many folks have returned back to thier hometown. Many cities like Jaipur, Bhopal, Ranchi, Jodhpur, Kochi have lit up. Will this result in empowering these cities and starting a new breed of entrepreneurship? Or will India stay divided between a few cosmopolitan metros and old gloomy cities where dreams are written and erased every day?