A founder’s life is lonely. It is always day zero. It circles around uncertainty. Someday the trusted best-performing employee will resign or the other your customer. From cook, negotiator, coder, mentor. Everything comes on a single plate.

I know there are million-odd videos on youtube and a million other podcast guiding how to start a startup. Searching on Amazon will throw a great number of books as well. Social media is full of entrepreneurship Gyan(teachings). The fun part is none of these will fit your creation. We are all different, our journey of building a startup is different.

The journey is full of pain and uncertainty. The thing which works out is self-belief and grit. This world is fucked up place, everything is broken. That gives us more reason to work hard and fix it. As long as you are or your company is not dead, there is the hope of building something incredible.

I remember getting mentored by AB, my boss at minio. He told me the company sails through anything and everything and becomes successful as long as founders have not given up. I truly believe in it.

This journey of entrepreneurship is tough, full of uncertainty and that is why you need believers, coaches, and mentors. Someone you can trust, talk about everything, who have seen your ups and downs. People you look upon, seen them sailing in their life closely.

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
— Murakami