In his book ‘no rules rules’; Reed Hastings talks about building an organization on an analogy of a sports team, not as a family.

When you are building a sports team, you will pick the best. People will compete and perform at their peak and byproduct being team winning. There will be no mediocrity. When a member is not delivering or wants to move, it can happen amicably. There will be no blood loss, as the end goal of the team is to be the best.

When it comes to creating an organization as a family, we end up accepting the flaws of a member and end up shielding them because everyone is a family. The organization ends up a mediocrity. It ends up building an organization with emotions embedded, and win takes backfoot.

I have started liking the team analogy now: I was a firm believer in running an organization as a family earlier. I wish this book had come 2-3 years back.