Is it our culture, education system, or society that craves newcomers for being spoonfed or micromanaged? In my limited experience, I have seen most dislike in figuring out things: be it with life decisions, education, skill acquisition, or work.

I have been interviewing candidates for various roles in the last few months, and most of the newcomers(not all) expected a big team, organization, or hand-holding for their growth and progress.

After four years of engineering, design degree, and living in this world for 20 plus years, why would one need to be spoonfed? Is it because of our society, parents who have kept us in a protected environment and hindered our decision making? Our independent thinking never grew?

With the emergence of the internet and the availability of learning materials, a student in Vietnam or tier 4 city in India is no different. They can acquire the same skillset as any kid sitting in the developed world.
What differentiates and hiders us is: we lack independent thinking and a decision making attitude. We look for outsiders for appreciation and acceptance.

The virtue of being independent, owing our life needs to be given by parents, society, and the education system from early on. We need to fix it else; we will continue living in the dark ages behind the developed world and future generations.

PS: My sample size is small, so I can be biased with my observation and will be happy to be wrong. It means our country’s youth is growing and we have a better future ahead. 🙂