Winning over Allergies

Last week I picked up the book title: Winning over Allergies by Dr. Arif Khan. The book talks about various allergies and how it impacts on us. Thankfully I am not allergic to pollen or airborne. I suffer from a food allergy. My eating habits have gotten worst in recent times. I have been consuming a lot many meals outside and not getting enough sleep either.

The book has explained allergies from India’s perspective. Most examples are also from we locals. I was mostly interested in if a food allergy is making my eyes go red and getting boils all over my head. The reason could be many: oil, egg, wheat, seafood, food colors, antibiotics, etc.

I remember discussing gut microbiome with Aparna; she has extensively worked and studied on this domain. It was she who recommended me the book.

Reading the book has been a good start. I am feeling less bloated and cheerful; because of home-cooked meals and gut-loving fruits and vegetables. The quest is far from over. It seems like a lifestyle I have to adapt.