Makhan was village mukhiya’s son. A tall, lean kid full of anger. He was the only kid for his parents and, It gave him the power to act like an asshole among his peers. People would call him junior Mukhiya Ji and, it will make his head high with pride. He was an eccentric and would go mad over petty things. He beat the village grocer because he denied giving free chocolate to him. On another occasion, he forced the entire marriage party to take another route for the trip.

I was with my grandmother in our village to enjoy summer vacation. The daily routine was simple: eat, play, roam. Grandma would make some breakfast, mostly aloo paratha(my favorite), and with my cousins, I would be out, stealing mangoes, playing Gilli danda, lattu, or participating in buffalo race.

We kids were playing cricket at the school compound one day. Madhav appeared from nowhere and asked us to bowl him. We said, join us for a game, to which he declined. All he wanted was to bat. We continued bowling with him for over half an hour and, he cheerfully made the best of it. When my patience went for a toss, I shouted at him and made him leave the ground. He resisted in the beginning but gave up later and left the playground politely.

The next day morning, we found our playground dug up. We got to know later on that the same night he created a big uproar at home. He forced Banshi, his helper, to take his tracker for this act.

I still wonder can someone be so stupid?