I have been talking to many of my friends who have been working from home for some time. The adversity of COVID has given an opportunity. Most have accepted the fact that working from their hometown, village and, farmland is a reality.
Industrialization accumulated talent and wealth both. It resulted overnight and making a city cosmopolitan. The reason for population migration was factories: your presence is needed to operate the mills.

The trend continued even in the case of the software Industry. The wealth and opportunity exist mostly in metros. Every graduate would aspire to be in Bangalore for a software job.

With COVID the mindset is shifting. A lot many youths are working from home for their companies. Some are even realizing to run their business from their hometown. Some are running and creating wealth in these small cities and towns of India.

We are far away from seeing the distribution becoming a trend but nevertheless, it is a good start.

Will I be packing my bag and move back home? I think one day I will.