We have been interviewing interns for two-quarters of paid internships. I have been noticing a trend in most of the CVs: AI and Data analytics.

I am not going to blame the students as they are just getting out there and acquiring familiarity. What worries me is almost everyone wants to do AI and, most have the same tasks finished: most cases running few pre-existing models or data dashboards taught in online courses.

AI and Data analytics are much more than running some example code.

I remember how we had a Linux user group in our days and regular mentoring sessions. We were taught and guided about the core. With the emergence of the internet, mostly LUGs are dead.

Another worrisome trend is students are hoarding internship certificates. What knowledge will one get in 2 months? We have been offering it for 5-6 months.

We have got a few aspiring folks after four-five dozen interviews. We have room for a few more.