I finished reading Adam Grant’s: Think Again. The book talks about the power of learning by unlearning, shedding our biases, and seeing people, the world around us more objectively.

We live in a society, spend time with people who agree with our view. It is like living in a walled garden with limited knowledge and groupthink.

Once we see the world as it is. When we question ourselves and our ideologies, we become more aware.

I have been unlearning, debunking some myth about my learning. I have also noticed, reading can be the best aid. It helps with unlearning, rethinking, and making us question more about everything in our life.

Are eating fruits healthy for us?
The modernization of Europe, building castles: who financed it?
Are financial bubbles bad for civilization in the long run?
Is nationalism has anything to do with religion?

These were some questions whose answers I thought I already knew. I got busted, as all my beliefs were wrong. 🙂

Our progress depends on how much we learn, progress, curiosity, and unlearning.