I was reading up some papers [1, 2] and this about earlier Pandemics. It was more about trying to understand if the current pandemic had some similarities with the past ones, especially the Spanish flu of 1918.

How it affected our life? I have not been a student of economics, zoonosis, or medicare. It was more of my itch. A few things which Spanish Flu had:

  1. The 1918-1919 pandemic inflicted high mortality on people aged 15-35 years.
  2. In 1918 it took six days to cross the Atlantic on a liner and spread across the world.
  3. The second wave took away most lives. 
  4.  Pandemic strained the life insurance industry.
  5.  The pandemic’s impact on communities and regions was not uniform across the country. (In the case of the USA)
  6. Influenza mortalities had a direct impact on wage rates. In the manufacturing sector in U.S. cities and states during and immediately after the 1918 influenza. 
  7. The influenza of 1918 was for a short period. (The pandemic arrived unexpectedly in the fall of 1918 and had largely subsided by January 1919. )

Many mortalities happened because of limited medicare availability in limited hospital care. 

One of the newspaper reporting implications on the economy.   

If you can recommend me some book, paper on the subject, it will help.