Paneer(cottage cheese) came to my menu on one of the Thursday nights during dinner. I was studying in class 4th in a hostel in Ranchi. I was lactose intolerant those days. The smell of milk would make me puke.

Paneer was served in a limited capacity. My dislike of it got noticed by one of my prefects, a senior. Every Thursday, he would sit next to me. I would transfer all of the paneers to his plate.

Our hostel had a colonial system intact and, prefect, housemaster, lead were some roles allocated to one of our seniors. Those folks were super powerful and dictators in most instances. I remember incidents of our classmates, juniors beaten by them for not following rules of lights off or evening preps or waking up on time for PT.

I was talking to my colleague yesterday while cooking paneer and, this past came up. I never got ragged or beaten by those seniors apart from those mass punishment sessions for the entire house. It feels like I had paneer diplomacy and, it served me well.