mental models

We are living in a bubble. Social media has amplified a few folks and, they are peddling whatever they like. One of the recent bubbles is mental models, a mantra sold for success. We have millions of odd hours of Youtube videos teaching the same apart from puff science or social scientists minting money via selling their books.

All we are doing is reading the mental model of others and dreaming of being as successful as theirs. How much time do we spend on knowing ourselves, accepting as we are, our vulnerability, and working towards improving?

We all are different; psychologists call it individual difference. We need to spend time on self-inquiry with our soul. No book or reading others’ mental models will help.

The kind of shit going in the life of Gods like Elon or Naval or Charlie Munger differs from mere mortals. How can wasting hours on aping their mental model make my life better or take me out of the trash?