Fear is a multi-trillion dollar industry. We are fearful of our death, losing our job or relationship. Many dictators came to power instigating fear of religion or race.

On the startup front, fear dominates over competitors taking away our market or someone copying our ideal. In short, fear keeps us on our toes.
Always running, vigilant.

In the relationship, our insecurity harvests fear; we are scared that our partner might leave us for others because of moving to a new city for a job.

A traditional family wants their son/daughter married as soon they could. They are fearful of kids turning into rebels and marrying in another caste, religion.

Many live in fear of failing. People never start or hedge a bet. After getting old, they remember the loss.

In an organization, fear fosters when new blood all of a sudden starts taking more responsibility. It makes the manager vulnerable and, fresher is shown his/her place. The overall organization suffers.

In the modern lifestyle, fear dominates every aspect. We pay in advance for insurance. We secure peace by paying to therapists or apps like Calm. At the same time, the pharmaceutical industry comes up with one of the other pills. There are recreation centers mushroomed across the globe leaching $$$.