Why some of us suffer more than most others? Is it because of their mental ailments or the way their mind works?

Philosophers and sages have told us long back that We have to live in “accordance with our nature”; what does this mean? How do we know more about our nature? It all leads to internalizing, asking questions with self.

Many centuries ago, Marcus Aurelius wrote his daily note while fighting Gauls, a Germanic tribe. The richest man on the planet was in deep pain and, he devised a method to suffer less. The core was to accept things as they, understand how people are and, knowing what’s in his control and what is not. After his death, the collection got published as his meditation.

If you suffer distress because of some external cause, it is not the thing itself that troubles you but your judgement about it, and it is within your power to cancel that judgement at any moment. (Med. 8.47)

Book: Meditations by Marcus Aurelius