There lived a powerful barber. The rulers would bow to him during haircuts and shaving.

Those were the times when kings ruled the province. The acting ruler of thrown was a demon. He had all the vices. All he cared about is leisure: whoring and multiplying his wealth by putting more taxes.

King could walk free after committing any crime. Villagers would keep their daughters and wives locked behind doors to save them from him. He had a dozen wives and 100s of concubines.

But, the elder most son turned to be the opposite human. He was a virtuous prince. Also god-fearing, vegetarian, and empathic. He could sing verses from Gita, Mahabharata.

With time, the ruler kept adding his heinous act. It all came crashing the day he tried to molest the daughter of his head priest. She was only 12 years old. He apologized and blamed opium for the act.

The news spread across like wildfire. The prince felt ashamed of his father’s act and wanted to end it. The next morning, he summoned the barber and the priest. He was going to execute his own father and color it as a fatal accident. The plan was simple: Like every day, the barber will shave the king. But today, the knife will slip and choke the king’s throat.

After the king’s death, the prince got appointed as the new head of state and the kingdom flourished.