It must have been around 9 pm and, the DVG market was buzzing. There were folks busy street shopping. I saw this kid staring at the box of earrings the hawker was selling. I felt like she is imagining to be wearing one of them from the collection. The city was going for a night curfew in an hour and, I had to eat.

The curiosity and imagination she was staring at those earrings reminded me of my childhood. In my case, it was about those mangoes from Raja’s bagaan.

I asked the kid if she needs one of those earrings and, she immediately said yes. She must have been 6-7 years old. I got her the earrings, paid the hawker, and ran for my dinner.

Last week in the afternoon I went to the market again to buy some dry fruits and, while crossing the hawker, he stopped me and told me what happened after I left.

Hawker: Sir, please buy it again.
Me: Why?
Hawker: I had to give 100 rupees and take back the earrings from that kid’s mother. That was the only sale I made the whole day.

I paid him 100 rupees and bought it. I will give it to my sister next week, meeting her for Rakhi.