Coco, the cat

Coco was not an ordinary cat; Rudra’s life circled around it. He had surrendered himself to Coco. He would care for Coco like his own child.

I was surprised to see Rudra maintaining a checklist of food, exercise, vet visit. I had never seen him taking care of his life with such clarity. Every decision of get-together, partying, or outdoor had to match Coco’s schedule. It reminded me of a king whose life lived inside the parrot.

Coco has been fed well, a cat being lazy; she cared about food and comfort. But the night of August had something else in store for Rudra. All of a sudden: Coco went missing. All hell broke loose, Rudra had a panic attack. He went in grief and hunger strike. The positives, he lost some weight.

All search operations got nothing. The apartment CCTV camera traced her leaving at wee hours all by herself. It was not that someone came to abduct Coco. It appears she left Rudhra at her own wish.

I met Rudra last week, and he seemed like a different person. Sometimes heartbreak makes you a better person and fuels you with seeking the purpose of self. Rudra has finally decided to switch his job, which he hated to the core. He jokes that Coco left me to make me a better person.

It’s ironic how we attach ourselves to others be it, humans or creatures, that at our own meaning and purpose end up living for others?