Be it Socrates or Bhagwad Gita or Japanese Ikigai: all had a core teaching of finding within. In short, knowing: who am I?

The gurukul system was known for holistic teaching. From early on, a child was taught to self enquire: try, fail, learn, and once out of education, make their life. Your life becomes virtues you acquire.

With the advancement in technology, our new generation has a suite of options to pick from and make their life. I see kids in 18-20 years figured out everything in their life, sharing all their wisdom on social media. It pleasantly surprises me. Access to technology has empowered them at such an early age.

I also have friends in their mid 30’s after having kids, an established business, family talking about a void in life, and not being satisfied.

Finding self, Ikigai is more of a self-journey. It can only happen from within. It means trying all the journeys, paths, readings, and mentors. The purpose of our life hangs on our actions and, externals have a limited role in it.

Star Trek mentions: “Where No Man Has Gone Before”; essentially, that is what it is. We have to push ourselves into knowing ourselves, finding peace with our solitude, and making acquainted with who we are. We cannot fool ourself, but constantly evolve and continue that search. The journey of life is painful and, finding purpose can make it less miserable.