Do we know what others are going through? How do we know pain and challenges in our life are more than the rest? How can we compare our life with others?

We are all granted a limited amount of life on this planet and, most of it is painful and, the quantum can differ momentarily. But does this mean we should stop living the life and go on being depressed or crying for what we don’t have?

We live in an ultra-connected world where it’s easy to feel sad seeing what we don’t have and what others have. Social media is for only showcasing a good part of our mirror/canvas/projection. It hides all the battles, challenges, and scars we go through in everyday life.

Do we know what’s going on in the mind of your waiter, driver, cook, or your boss? How is there life, challenges and battles treating them?

Our stoic philosophers must be laughing from above seeing the kind of animal we have turned into, the virtue of empathy has no place on this planet.