Gift books to your loved ones. Reading adds so much perspective to our life. One can swim in a wide variety of subjects: arts, science, philosophy, nature, history.

I was with Ashish in Delhi last week. One of the days, I took their kids for an outing at Khan Market for book shopping and eating. I could see their eyes glitter.

I picked up reading very late, after 30 years of my existence. I was lost or fighting, battling, or finding the purpose of my life. Starting to read earlier in life would have been better.

Krishna, my friend, keeps telling me about opening up libraries in our hometowns. Someday we will open them.

In the hyper-connected world with both working parents, a book can be a good aid for kids to cure their loneliness and convert it to solitude. Social media platforms will make them narcissists or create FOMO.

I have met folks in 17-20 years of age more mature and grounded than their counterparts in the ’30s and, one key difference is these younger folks read. The worldview, knowledge they have gathered from books make them unique.