So, are we moving on, asked Shreya?
As if we have any other option, replied Sanjay.

Shreya got admitted to a college in the US and wanted to reboot her life. She had no time for long-distance relationships. Sanjay stayed in India to build a non-profit providing education to unprivileged kids. They were together from the first sem of college for over 4.5 years. It took just a coffee at Cannaught Place to call it off. I was sad and amazed both. Not sure how it was so easy for them. They were more mature than me. I studied with Sanjay and Shreya in the same college. That is why I am narrating this.

Last night from nowhere, Shreya reached out to me after 15 years. I wondered if she was back in India, which was not the case. I enjoyed the conversation and praised her for her accomplishments in all these years.

I asked Shreya if she was still in touch with Sanjay, She paused, and a gentleman said hello to me. I was watching a Karan Johar movie in real life because it was Sanjay on the other side. He mentioned after setting up his non-profit, he kept in touch with Shreya, and it was during COVID they decided to get married.

COVID made many of us realize the importance of many things in our life, one being the importance of loved ones.

Not all love stories have sad ending in real life too. I wished them good luck in the future. Looking forward to meeting them later this year.