We are a generation suffering from commitment phobia in all corners of our life. At work, it’s about what others offer with a package or role. The divergence between need and want is very evident. We saw the mass resignation episode during COVID witnessing the same. While we want all the money and independence, we are not committing to sticking long and growing with the organization. We end up thinking about what more others can offer or dampen ourselves with monotony at work.

In a relationship, we chase the never-ending wants of the best set with power, paisa(money), and pyar(love). It is like one part of our brain keeps reminding us don’t fall into a relationship because the better one is waiting on the next tinder/bumble swipe.

For some, the brain suggests how ending up in a relationship will take away all the freedom, and the other half’s dependency on love, care, and attention will be a distraction. It will hinder personal growth and kill individuality.