founder’s curse

Running a startup is not easy. I have been building Taghash for over six years and am lucky to have Krishna with me. We didn’t have a smooth sail. I felt like adding some learning to our journey. I call it the founder’s curse because as a founder, we don’t get everything.

  1. A founder’s job is lonely at the top.
  2. Founders are responsible for all the failures.
  3. The success gets distributed among all.
  4. A founder has no personal or professional life. They are 24/7 in their startup.
  5. Find a partner who understands this. Else stay unmarried or single.
  6. Your team and customers are more important than anyone else. Treat them all with care.
  7. Avoid media, press, or glitz. Focus on building business.
  8. Stay away from taking advice from any random stranger or folks. You live 24/7 in the journey. You understand the pain more than anyone else.
  9. Spend time on personal well-being. Pick yoga, running, dancing, or whatever keeps you energized.
  10. Disappear from the world, rejuvenate, read, plan and ideate.
  11. Find mentors in front of whom you are naked, who will not judge you or laugh at your vulnerabilities.