agent of change

Some people walk into our life, make us better and stay with us for eternity or disappear. After my class 10th, my mother sent me out of Bihar for higher studies. I believe this was one of the milestones in my life.

Later on, during engineering, participating in FOSS and open source technology and meeting folks like Vivek/Karunakar cemented my career for good. I have always been an outstanding student(mass bunking, focusing least on studies).

The same happened while starting taghash six years back, meeting Karthik, Krishna (my partner in crime), and other early believers.

They have all been agents of change and shaped my course of life. I am not saying life has been a smooth ride. I have had my share of failures in losing people and opportunities.

Our life is how we see it. It is not easy, painful, and full of failures. But during the journey, we end up meeting a few people at instances who end up being our agents of change. We have to seize those opportunities, trust them and join the cause.

We have options to cry on all our misses or celebrate our wins.