How much peace are you with yourself?
You have been running in your early 20s to uplift your family.
As a good son, you have been at your parent’s service.
In your late 20’s got married, and now you have one companion to talk to and live life together.
You want to bring the best of the world for her.
You are working, running a sprint, and managing your best work-life balance.
You become a father in your early 30’s.
You are working hard so is your wife, an ideal family.
You have a stable job.
You will retire in your 60’s.
You will start working towards your child’s secure future.
You will get him an education, pay for his education, and get him married.
The universe is in your favor.
You will die peacefully.

When you were a child, you wanted to be a painter.
You participated in many competitions.
You were a shining star.
You died.
You have forgotten yourself.
All you did was react, a sprint for the betterment of others.
You were a machine.

Are we supposed to be a machine?
Do we not have our own identity?
Do we not have the right to live on our own?

Who are you? Are you at peace with yourself or a born robot running on a societal treadmill?