I see people preaching about becoming an entrepreneur and breaking into entrepreneurship. I have my aversion to these sales pitches or evangelism.

Entrepreneurship is not clearing an engineering entrance or a medical entrance exam where you read a syllabus and jump in to qualify.

Entrepreneurship is not a 9 to 5 job with a steady income or life in luxury and comfort. Putting everyone on the entrepreneurship treadmill will result in a more distorted society with a generation of stress and trauma. As statistics say, 99% of startups fail.

There is a dark side to entrepreneurship: full of failure, stress, loss, and pain. The media, shark tank, and others never talk about it.

Entrepreneurship happens with a cause, purpose, and fickle-mindedness. The journey is rough and mostly a failure. So make up your mind if you want to get into this.

Please join it with conviction, not for sexiness. Because mostly, you are alone on your own in the uncertainty.

Don’t waste time listening to a podcast or reading books on how to be an entrepreneur venture, knowing what all you have to lose or win.

Jump into entrepreneurship for the right reasons.