Bhoot Bangla

I was told several stories about “bhoot bangla” since I grew up.
Our parents insisted that we avoid that broken bungalow at all costs. Everybody had their story about “bhoot bangla.” The broken house sits in the center of Andheri in Mumbai.
It has survived 70 years like this.
Nobody knows the original owners, but everyone has a story.

My grandpa told us about the mad saheb who lived in that house during British Raj. One night he was shot by a revolutionary. The police caught the killer and burnt him alive. The ghost of mad saheb is all around, and it’s his soul all around the bungalow scaring mare mortals.

My uncle grew up listening to another tale.
After independence, when the Britishers left, the bungalow was bought by some Gujarati Seth. He had a daughter in her early 20’s. She fell in love and eloped with her Bihari servert. The angry Seth got everyone from the poor chap’s family killed. After a few months, the kid came and burnt the entire bungalow killing everyone. That is why nobody comes forward for the ownership.

The only part I like about the bhoot bungalow is that in the concrete jungle in Andheri. We have a green belt with lots of trees.