Most of us are born and groomed with the world telling us what we can’t do. As a result, we end up being risk averse. Our thoughts and actions circle in a limited parameter. The default mindset becomes NO to every unknown. I am no different for the 30 years I have been on the same journey.

I think ego took precedence one day, and powered by the itch brain got rewritten. Now everything looks possible. It’s a default YES.

I think a healthy lifestyle and reading philosophy helped. Some friends believe it was psychedelics, which I doubt.

Our life is a long journey. At every stage, we have decisions to make and sail through. The only thing matters is our mental and physical well-being. We need a company of people and habits to make us Uberman.

Most things in life are not in our control. But that does not mean we should sit ideal. How will I know to swim without jumping in the ocean? [I know shark or drowning are a possibility too]. But who cares.