Long game

Building a startup is like raising a child if your fundamentals are to leave a legacy. Building a company requires an honest culture and a people-first approach. As a founder, this should be the most important virtue.

Things take time, and building slow and steady cement utmost love, care, and pain. It is towards solving customers’ pain. With customer word of mouth, more sales channels open.

In the old days, sales were about playing golf, socializing, and closing.
The time has changed.
The decision-makers are not the only ones who cut the cheque.
It’s those who use your product.

Your product has to solve all customer personas. It is not easy and takes lots of pain and keeping a check on our ego. But this is how It is. Not everyone is going to be your customer or believer.

We are in the era of yearly renewals. Those days of selling and charging for support are gone. You have to iterate and update your product regularly and keep the customer base intact.