I celebrated my birthday yesterday, and a good time went into self-evaluation on the positive side of life. Most attribute their grit, hard work, or whatnot to their success. I attribute my existence here to the people around me. I can cry over that I got into entrepreneurship in my 30s, unlike the GenZ, who are born with the bent.

Other than people and their teachings, it was their absolute trust in me. Starting Taghash, I got into reading books, mostly autobiographies, and I also limited my alcohol intake. I took health as wealth seriously.

Also, over the journey found my co-founder and many other friends and mentors who were/are beside me: listening, nodding, and participating in my ideas. A few I keep calling and talking for hours and hours, exchanging ideas.

I am 38th year of my life, It feels like childhood, and I am still out there with the same energy, innocence, and curiosity. I am waiting to see the world and what the future has.