Thinking about hostel days in early childhood gives me goosebumps. My parents thought this would show me life and make me more human. I think it was class 4 or 5.

I thank my parents for this. When you are thrown early on into unchartered territory, you grow up. There is no one to pamper you. You have to live every single day on your own. All the human mind, psychology, and survival instinct come into play. You have seniors ragging you, big ones bullying you, and others stealing your snacks.

The positive side is you taste freedom early on, take chances to commit more mistakes, and are more audacious to break all the rules. There is no helicopter parents or mobile app to track your path.

The virtue of the daily schedule and rituals of the early days has played a role even now. I am more flexible than my peers, thanks to the 5 a.m. yoga/gymnastics. I feel the team building and socializing also came from there.

I cried going away from my parent’s early days. But later on, I started enjoying this freedom. It has played in making me a globe trotter. I am an extrovert and experimental with life.

My sister went to KFI, Varanasi, and I went to Vikas Vidyalaya, Ranchi, and CSKM, Delhi.