There is a silent population whom we have turned into robots. They don’t speak because they are scared. They take our orders and work on it. They are poor because of their country torn in war or because of tyrant dictators. Some of them were poor because of the family they were born in.

They are our gig workers, captains, and riders delivering food and vegetables. They take you around the city round the clock.

We mostly ignore them. Put grumpy faces at them and shout at them for their mistakes. They are less privileged than us. We should be kind to them and treat them like us humans.

It’s been over a month in Dubai, and taking a taxi and ordering food online have passed across many faces. Some opened up, spoke, and told their stories. A few were engineers in their country, then war broke out, and nothing for them.

Hearing the story of each one of them makes me sad and humble. We cannot help them, but at least be nice to them. Give a smile to them. We don’t have to treat them like a mute robot.