Were most successful people going into business with all things planned?
Did they have a crystal clear view of the future of their business? How will it pan out?
How will they build an empire?
On most occasions, they did not. What worked in their favor was that they tried multiple avenues.

There is no secret to success other than trying. Ray Kroc kept dreaming and failing at all the jobs until he found the McDonald brothers. There are 1000 other examples: Benjamin Fraklin, Charlie Munger, Tesla, and Ramanujan.

The same applies to life. We keep meeting people, keep building relationships, learn, and fail. There is no one fit for all. Some find soulmates the first person they meet, while others die without a compatible match. The other smart ones keep trying and meeting people unless they match.

Our life gives us an opportunity to explore and see the world. No one has anything planned in life. People live in it and in the journey figure out life.

There is no such thing as perfection or planning, the only thing is living and experiencing.

Most scenario models in life and business end up living in the sheet.